About us

Founded nearly two decades ago in Novi Sad – Serbia by Mr. Bozo Jankovic, Enterijer Jankovic is a company that offers a wide range of manufacturing and interior design related services to customers at domestic and international markets.

Since the time it was organized as a small joinery workshop with only several employees who were manufacturing non-standard furniture and joinery wood elements, Enterijer Jankovic marked significant growth.

Thanks to Mr. Jankovic’s ability and high quality standards, the complexity and volume of the work has changed over the years. Today, we are able to carry out all of your ideas and concepts of ideal space for living, working, relaxing, etc. - starting from preliminary design solution to the execution and supervision of interior works.

We have many years of experience in meeting the high expectations of demanding clients worldwide.

Enterijer Janković today:

More than 400 employees – including more than 50 highly skilled architects, designers, engineers and professionals from other fields, as well as hundreds of proficient carpenters and wood processing specialists.

Participation in more than 500 projects, ranking from simple, short-term to complex multi-disciplinary projects that last for several years.

Representative offices: Novi Sad (Serbia), Moscow (Russia), Minsk (Belarus) und Dresden (Germany).

Headquarters in Novi Sad is spread over an area of 30.000 m2.
Company`s manufacturing facilities, warehouses and modern office building are situated on this spacious plot.

Authorized representatives at the following markets:

Lyon and Paris - France
Amsterdam - Holland
Sankt Petersburg - Russia
Tripoli - Libya
Ljubljana - Slovenia
Zagreb - Croatia
Belgrad - Serbia
Doha - Qatar

Reputation cannot be earned overnight. We consider trust of our business partners, loyalty of many clients, years of tradition and experience as our reliability factors.

We have practiced our skills and exerted efforts for almost 20 years in order to achieve and maintain our good reputation.
It is worth to mention our awards: „Exporter of the year” for 2004, recognition of Serbian Government Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion (SIEPA), based on the export volume and high quality of work performed abroad

„Best of Serbia” - the best corporate brand, December 2008, recognition of Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Trade and Tourism.

Enterijer Jankovic is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Besides that, there are numerous national and international certificates that prove good performance, safety and quality of our products.